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EV Charging Infrastructure
End to End Solutions 

The Fastgrid simplifies grid connection, design, installation, expansion, and operation of EV Charging infrastructure.

A Scalable Solution to EV Charging Deployment

Traditional EV fast charger installation is costly and inflexible often needing massive electrical grid upgrades. These installs are typically permanent, making it difficult to scale power, add stations, repair or replace chargers, or remove infrastructure.

The Fastgrid consists of an integrated suite of vendor agnostic, plug and play EV charging solutions that easily connect to the existing power grid. From energy storage to installation systems and software, we're transforming the way chargers are installed and operated.

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Auto Dealerships


Gas Stations, Retail, Workplace

EV charging

Public Charging

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Up to 50%
Development Cost Savings

  • Reduce the total cost of ownership.

  • Minimize utility upgrades, construction, permits, and infrastructure costs.

Up to 50%
Faster Install

  • Accelerate deployment and minimize business disruption.

  • 'No dig’ infrastructure simplifies install, design, engineering, and construction.

Up to 35%
OpEx Cost Savings

  • Reduce O&M costs with smart, serviceable, and plug and play design.

  • Easily integrate with BESS and DER to mitigate utility demand charges. 

Battery Supported EV Charging Infrastructure

Battery buffered EV charging reduces the electrical grid upgrade required for installing EV charging, provides back-up power, and can generate revenue depending on the BESS capabilities and utility regulations. The VPort integrates with any L2 or fast charger and DER.

  • Reduced electrical service required

  • Lowered demand charges

  • Optimized peak shavings

  • Demand response revenue

  • Reliable back-up power

  • Improved ESG performance

"No-Dig, Low-Dig" Power Distribution System

FastConnect™ is the most flexible modular and scalable above ground power distribution system for EV charging deployment. Its unique design eliminates or minimizes digging, trenching, and site disruption to simplify installation while lowering overall cost and time from engineering, permitting, and construction by 50%. The system is interoperable with any EV charger and DER.


Manage EV Charging with Advanced Analytics 

Control energy and power flow to chargers based on best economics. ARGOS is the all-seeing intelligent platform to effectively monitor, control, and manage your energy and power assets anywhere, at any time.

  • One-stop integration and operation software

  • Monitor, control, and manage site-wide assets

  • Increase energy savings and load management

Maximize NEVI with Qualified Solutions 

National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI)

is a federal program providing $5B in nationwide funding over 5 Years through 2026. All Veloce Energy charging solutions qualify for NEVI.


Under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the Department of Transportation administered funds are being used by states to build public charging stations every 50 miles along designated highways. The first round of funding has already been announced. 

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Reduce CapEX with Tax Incentives & Credits

Our solutions qualify for federal and state tax incentive programs. With robust production capability and a highly experienced team, we'll help you meet project requirements throughout the process. 


  • Products designed, manufactured, and assembled in America

  • Buy America compliant

  • UL Certified® products, regulatory compliance

  • ITC compliant and SGIP-approved

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Veloce's Energy and Power Innovation Center (EPICenter) is a 25,000 square ft facility in Loveland, Colorado.

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