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FastConnect™ Above Ground Power Distribution System

FastConnect™ is the most flexible modular and scalable above ground power distribution system for EV charging deployment. Its unique design eliminates or minimizes digging, trenching, and site disruption to simplify installation while lowering overall cost and time from engineering, permitting, and construction by 50%.

  • up to 50% development cost savings

  • up to 50% faster install

  • up to 10% reduction in O&M costs

  • 30-50% potential tax savings

Vendor Agnostic Installation System for EV Charging and Distributed Energy Resources 

The FastConnect's open architecture allows for easy integration with any EV charger manufacturer and power level, and DER for increased resiliency. Coupling with Veloce VPort energy storage can provide additional cost savings and resiliency.


The FastConnect creates new business models that make it economically viable for site hosts to deploy, operate, lease, and profit.

Why Veloce Energy

No-Dig, Low-Dig Above Ground Installation System

Traditional EV Fast Charger Installation is costly and inflexible. Deploying EV Charging stations requires extremely high power from the grid, often requiring long studies and massive electrical grid upgrades.

The FastConnect easily integrates with legacy grid infrastructure minimizes digging, trenching, and site disruption. 

Easily Expand, Reconfigure, Remove, or Redeploy Infrastructure

Typical installation methods are permanent, making it difficult to scale power, repair or replace chargers, or remove infrastructure.


The FastConnect's "no-dig, low-dig" architecture is quickly adjustable at any time without having to retrofit the existing installation. 

Cut Deployment Time and Costs by up to 50%

The FastConnect overcomes barriers and risks of EV charging deployment including:

  • Long grid upgrade times (18-24+ months)

  • Long engineering, permitting, construction times (9-15 months)

  • Site disruption, unknown underground objects

  • Short-term lease, but permanent installations

Battery Supported EV Charging Infrastructure

Coupling with Veloce VPort energy storage can provide significant upfront and ongoing cost savings.

Battery supported EV charging reduces the electrical grid upgrade required for installing EV chargers, provides back-up power, and can generate revenue potential through participation in utility demand response programs.

No-Dig, Low-Dig Installation

Above ground power distribution installation system easily connects into the utility grid.

Modular and Scalable

Not a one size fits all. Optimally size the system and scale as needed.

Safe, Rugged Enclosure

Outdoor-rated. Extensive fire mitigation features.

Open, Flexible, Vendor Agnostic


Plug and play infrastructure. Easily integrate with any EV charger brand and power level as well as DER system.

Future-Proof Investment

Easily expand, reconfigure, or redeploy in the field. Scale when needed.

Easy Installation & Maintenance

Smart serviceable, plug and play design.

Intelligently Monitor, Control and Manage your Energy and Power Assets

ARGOS Energy and Power Management Software is the all-seeing intelligent platform to effectively monitor, control, and manage your energy and power assets anywhere, at any time.

  • One-stop integration and operation 

  • Manage assets across sites 

  • Effective load management

  • Increase energy cost savings

  • HW and SW interoperability

  • Third-party management systems (LMS, FMS, etc.)

Electric Power Grid.jpg


Reduce CapEX with Tax Incentives & Credits

Our solutions qualify for federal and state tax incentive programs. With robust production capability and a highly experienced team, we'll help you meet project requirements throughout the process. 


  • Products designed and assembled in America

  • Buy America compliant

  • UL Certified® products, regulatory compliance

  • Fast lead times

  • ITC qualified

Veloce's Energy and Power Innovation Center (EPICenter) is a 25,000 square ft facility in Loveland, Colorado.

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