To impact climate change by accelerating the electrification of transportation through technological and business model innovation in EV charging.

We deliver our vision through,


Developing innovative, modular, flexible solutions to lead the EV charging industry. 


Reducing interconnection needs and streamlining design, construction, and operations for DC Charger deployments.  


Provide alternative deployment, operations and revenue (financial and service) models. 


Veloce Energy’s founders are deeply committed to working to mitigate the impacts of climate change by drastically slowing carbon emissions. Each with a different background, we have come together to bring our diverse experiences to bear on one of the biggest problems facing us in the energy transition.

Veloce Energy was founded to solve large scale problems in the electrification of everything. Working under the theory that the best solution to “unsolvable problems” is to make them bigger, we have undertaken the transformation of the utility grid.

Utilizing the industry drive to create profitability for EV charging, we are creating an entire grid-edge system architecture which allows greatly increased flexibility for load growth, simplified connection for distributed generation, and cost-effective resilience for both buildings and vehicles.

Our unique modular approach, integrated architecture, design for installation, and integrated resilience will transform EV charging, grid edge utility systems, power flows, and ownership models.