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An All-Electric Future
Starts at the Grid Edge

Our mission is to accelerate the electrification of everything.

We're creating the most compelling green tech company on the planet.

Founded in 2020, Veloce Energy develops foundational grid-edge infrastructure to overcome one the largest barrier in the EV and clean energy transition: the power-limited grid.

Our integrated ecosystem of innovative hardware and software s
olutions simplifies electrification at the grid edge to mitigate the impacts of climate change and achieve a world with zero emissions. 

Veloce Energy’s Fastgrid™ is an end-to-end power and energy platform that provides flexibility for increased load growth, simplified connection to leverage distributed generation, and cost-effective resilience for both buildings and vehicles.

Leadership Team

Jeff Wolfe 01_edited.jpg
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Jeff Wolfe

Chief Executive Officer

Co- Founder

Donald Chodak Bio Image.jpg
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Donald Chodak

Chief Financial Officer

Bryan Adamcik 05.jpg
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Bryan Adamcik

Senior Director of Operations

Jay Baldwin 08.jpg
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Jay Baldwin


Mark Yates 09_edited.jpg
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Mark Yates

Chief Operating Officer

Co- Founder

Jerod Snell 03.jpg
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Jarod Snell

HR Manager

Bryce Carlson 07.jpg
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Bryce Carlson

Director of IT

Randy Palombi 06.jpg
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Randy Palombi

Chief Commercial Officer

Co- Founder

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Rigo Rodriguez

Vice President of Power Systems

Bonnie Datta 11.jpg
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Bonnie Datta

Policy and Regulatory Affairs

Mike Schneck 04.jpg
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Mike Schenck

Chief Technology Officer

Co- Founder

Sean Bio pic.jpg
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Sean Heller

Director of Customer Success

Julie Tran.jpg
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Julie Tran

Director of Marketing

Our Core Values

Our diverse team unites leadership, expertise, and passion to achieve a clean energy and sustainable future. We're driven to make an everlasting zero-carbon footprint on the world.

Electric Power Grid.jpg


We focus on the big picture while not forgetting the small. Our individual and corporate actions collectively increase our impact.


We operate with honesty, integrity, high ethics, and strong principles in all our interactions. 


We are bold. We reimagine the world of electrification to innovate a sustainable future.


 We strive to deliver the best results for our customers, society, and our planet.


We are a 'people-first' organization. We listen and treat all people with respect and compassion.

Lead Investors

Veloce Energy is backed by well-established investors such as Itochu and Ecliptic Capital to solve problems that address the ongoing need for grid stability and the rapid growth of electrification.


Veloce Energy is the recipient of numerous awards including Pepperdine University’s Most Fundable Companies, Octane High Tech Company of the year 2022, and LA New Mobility. Our company was also a member of the LACI, Greentown Labs, and Growthx Cohort’s.

Energy Power and Innovation Center in Denver, Colorado

Veloce Energy’s EPICenter is a 25,000 square ft facility for R&D, engineering and manufacturing. Our high-quality solutions, robust production capability and application experts will change the way the world is electrified. 

  • Products designed and assembled in America

  • Buy America compliant

  • UL Certified® products

  • Fast lead times

  • Excellent customer service and support


We have additional offices located in Los Angeles and Kraków.

Stay in touch!

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