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Energy Storage for Commercial  Solar & Industrial Applications

The VPort is the Leading Fire-Safe, Modular, Scalable, and Compact Battery Energy Storage System in its Class

Modular and Scalable Battery Energy Storage Systems

Battery energy storage systems (BESS) allow energy to be stored and used when it’s most needed (e.g., peak hours, blackouts).  The VPort™ is an intelligent battery energy storage system that's flexible, safe, and reliable.

  • Modular and Scalable Power

  • Smallest Form Factor

  • Highest Degree of Safety

  • Off and On-Grid Capable

  • Fully Integrated Solution with Argos™ Software 

  • Easy 3rd Party Integration

  • Attractive Enclosure, Ability to Custom Brand

  • Potential Tax Savings ~30-50%


 Back-up Power &

Utility Microgrids (Reduced)_edited.jpg

Demand Charge &
Load Management

Solar Reduced_edited.jpg

Solar Plus

City Reduced_edited_edited_edited_edited

Leverage Distributed Energy Resources

Up to 50%
Development Cost Savings

  • Reduce the total cost of ownership.

  • Minimize utility upgrades, construction, permits, and infrastructure costs.

Up to 50%
Faster Install

  • Accelerate deployment and minimize business disruption.

  • Transport with a forklift, no crane required.

Up to 35%
OpEx Cost Savings

  • Reduce O&M costs with smart, serviceable, and plug and play design.

  • Mitigate utility demand charges for increased bill savings. 

Solar Battery Storage

Implement solar plus storage to optimize and manage energy usage. The VPort's compact size eliminates the need for a crane and can be easily forklifted into tight fitting spaces saving time, resources, and cost.  


Store excess energy from solar to use during peak hours. Optional ARGOS EMS software provides advanced site-wide analytics and third-party integration. 

Back-up Power & Resiliency

Deploy back up power to keep facilities and systems operational during power outages. 


The VPort's expandable, compact size and power flexibility allows it to fit in any location and take up minimal space whether it's at a school district, water municipality, or EV charging station.


Demand Charge & Load Management

Implement peak shaving and mitigate demand charges to save significant energy costs. Shift power usage from the grid to the battery during peak times when energy demand is high to significantly lower energy bills. Extend available power without the need to upgrade your grid connection.

Leverage Distributed Energy 

Integrate energy storage for solar, Virtual Power Plants (VPP), EV charging, microgrids, and more. The VPort's open, flexible, and plug and play architecture easily connects with grid-tied resources.

The energy storage system can be controlled with ARGOS software or 3rd party applications.

Demand Response Programs

On-grid capability allows you to participate in utility demand response programs.


Generate revenue or earn energy credits by putting power back on to the grid.


EV Charging 

Leverage solar plus storage with EV charging to optimize energy usage, provide resiliency, and reduce demand charges. 

The Vport provides battery supported EV charging and integrates easily with PV systems.


Reduce CapEX with Tax Incentives & Credits

Our solutions qualify for federal and state tax incentive programs. With robust production capability and a highly experienced team, we'll help you meet project requirements throughout the process. 


  • Products designed, manufactured, and assembled in America

  • Buy America compliant

  • UL Certified® products, regulatory compliance

  • ITC compliant and SGIP-approved

Forge Campus 2.jpg

Veloce's Energy and Power Innovation Center (EPICenter) is a 25,000 square ft facility in Loveland, Colorado.

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