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Simply Electrifying

We provide Grid-Edge infrastructure

Transforming the Grid Edge to Simplify & Accelerate Electrification

Veloce Energy is the creator of the Fastgrid™, a hardware and software grid edge platform that reduces the time and cost to deploy and operate Electric Vehicle charging stations, commercial solar, and industrial storage.

Our modular, scalable, and vendor agnostic solutions include battery energy storage, installation systems, and integration and operation software.

The FastGrid: An End-to-End Grid Edge Electrification Platform

Traditional installation methods involve long and complex design, engineering, and construction to upgrade the power grid. We avoid digging and trenching with our "no-dig, low-dig" above ground system which extends existing grid power.

The Fastgrid is a flexible open platform that simplifies grid connection, design, installation, expansion, and operation of grid edge systems. Whether you need a standalone product or a turnkey solution, we've got you covered.

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Battery Energy Storage Systems

Best in class fire-safe, modular, scalable, and compact BESS, with zero clearance capability.


Ideal applications include solar plus storage, battery supported EV charging, back-up power, and more.



EV Charger Installation System

The most flexible above-ground "no-dig, low-dig" installation platform for EV charging that’s interoperable with any EV charger/DER.


Couple with battery storage for increased flexibility and cost savings. 


Energy & Power Management Software

The all-seeing intelligent integration and operation platform to effectively monitor, control, and manage energy and power assets anywhere, any time. 


Advanced analytics and controls optimize usage, increase energy efficiency, reduce overall costs, and increase margins.   

Markets We Serve

Our grid edge infrastructure solutions solve electrification challenges such as grid-constraints, long deployment times, high energy charges, increased operating costs, bespoke engineering, and more. Our markets include but are not limited to the examples below.

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EV Charging Infrastructure


Commercial & Industrial Storage

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Back-up Power & Resiliency

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Commercial Solar

Utility Microgrids (Reduced).jpg

Utility Distribution & Microgrids

Customer Testimonials

Commercial & Industrial, EV Charging Application

"We are proud to integrate Veloce Energy innovative solutions as a complement to the ABB energy storage portfolio to enable large-scale electrification.


Our battery energy storage technology optimizes energy use and increases energy efficiency to reduce carbon emissions and lower energy costs, helping our customers to achieve their sustainability goals."

Alexandra Goodson

Global Product Marketing Manager ​

ABB Energy Storage Solutions 

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Through the lens of environmental and social justice, we are reducing human impact on the earth, bringing balance to our living environment.

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