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The VPort is the industry's leading fire-safe, modular and scalable, and compact battery energy storage, site control and communications system in its class. The VPort has the smallest footprint  and fits where similar sized (kW and kWh) BESS cannot because of its slim design, front only access, and zero clearance rating under the UL9450A fire testing certification.

The VPort is modular and scalable from 78 kWh to 468 kWh cabinet configurations and can be connected in parallel to deliver MWh storage capacity.

  • Rated for urban environments, the VPort is ideal for battery-buffered EV charging as well as commercial and solar energy storage applications. VPort integrates easily with on-site loads and distributed energy.

  • VPort energizes EV charging stations toward profitability by significantly reducing the grid connection, installation, and operating costs

  • Distributed VPorts can be a cost-effective, flexible alternative for grid upgrades, delivering a phased solution allowing deferral or elimination of transformer and conductor upgrades.


FastGrid is Veloce Energy’s family of products targeted at solving key problems in the EV charging station market. Consisting of VPort and FastConnect, this growing family works with any OCPP compliant EV charging station from 6 to 200 kW.




FastConnect™ is the industry’s only modular, above ground power distribution system for EV charging deployment that is flexible, expandable. Its unique design eliminates or minimizes digging, trenching, and site disruption to simplify installation while lowering overall cost and time from engineering, permitting, and construction by 50%. 

Its open architecture allows for easy integration with any EV charger manufacturer and power level, and DER such as PV for increased resiliency. Energy storage (Veloce VPort or other) can also be easily integrated. This modular, scalable, and reconfigurable installation system creates new business models that make it economically viable for site hosts to deploy, operate, lease, and profit.

Minimizing digging, trenching, and site disruption, the system results in an attractive and highly visible installation. Quickly expandable at any time without revisions to the existing installation.

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