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What is the measure of a great company?

I was excited to write my first blog post to introduce VELOCE ENERGY, our great team and our exciting new products. However, as I sit to write, the world is gripped in what some are calling, the worst health, humanitarian, and economic crisis in the last hundred years. It is supposed to be comforting to hear that great companies are formed during economically challenging times (and I have direct experience with this from groSolar) but it is not something that anyone would choose.

While VELOCE ENERGY's development continues and is maybe even accelerated by the unique circumstances which allow a sharper focus and less distraction, we don’t think that traditional economic measures define a great company at this time. We believe it is by demonstrating very non-traditional standards, including compassion and care for others, both team members and in the broader community. That is why we are spending a portion of time working on tackling two Covid19-driven issues:

· Decreasing exercise

· Increased need for food banks

We have developed a virtual event, Run for Food Banks, which will help motivate individual (and safe) exercise while also promoting direct donations to Food Banks globally. More information, registration, and social media links are available both at and on Linked in at You can also help us promote the event on Twitter by following us @RunForFoodBanks.

We believe that a strong community is fundamental to any definition of sustainability, and we will be doing our part outside of “business as usual” in these extraordinary times.


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