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At Veloce we are working on a better way to build your new EV Charging Station

Establishing a new EV charging station is an environmentally conscious and admirable goal. That said, it is also a complex process of deciding on construction, charger and operating partners, applying for permits and licenses and finally constructing the physical site.

The entire process can take six months or more, and that is assuming appropriate power is available at the site. For larger charging stations, where the electric utility needs to make significant modifications to their distribution system (quite usual), the process can stretch out to two years or more.

At Veloce Energy, our vision is to accelerate the electrification of transportation through technological and business model innovation. We are working hard to reduce the time and complexity of every step of the process. For example;

· The VELOCE SOLIS Site Energy Controller allows more charging to be supplied from a smaller electric utility connection, drastically reducing both the cost and time to get connected to the grid.

· The VELOCE solutions standardize design significantly simplifying the design process so that the typical three-month design process can be ready to submit to the city in a week.

· VELOCE is working with local building authorities to ensure that they are familiar and comfortable with the standardized VELOCE designs. Seeking approval for a familiar design and product is expected to accelerate the approval process.

· The VELOCE site designs are specifically developed to require much less construction disruption on site, thereby reducing construction time and associated weather and other risks.

VELOCE’s goal is to significantly reduce the timeline from the start of engineering to the final site commissioning. The compressed schedule, reduced complexity, and risk represent a great opportunity for significant savings.

We’ll be releasing our initial renderings and system data soon, so stay tuned!

Veloce = Fast

Fast installation - Fast charging - Fast resilience - Fast RO


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